Sally Borden School
Summer Program
  • We're not afraid to tackle the big questions
  • We greet one another with smiles
  • We stand out and we stand together
  • We are free to be ourselves
  • Our community is shaped by student/teacher relationships
  • We strive to be generous and gentle, kind and brave


What's New @ Friends

Juno Converts Campus to Winter Wonderland

(Jan 30, 2015)

Winter blizzards mean snow days and everyone enjoys an unexpected day (and in this case two days)...

A New Way to Talk about Books

(Jan 13, 2015)

Marlaina Trepanier’s eighth grade English students have found a fun new way to talk about books....

OPEN HOUSE Sunday, January 11

(Jan 1, 2015)

Join us for a look at the people and places that make up Friends Academy. On Sunday, January 11 (...

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