Sally Borden School
Summer Program
  • We are free to be ourselves
  • Our community is shaped by student/teacher relationships
  • We greet one another with smiles
  • We stand out and we stand together
  • We're not afraid to tackle the big questions
  • We strive to be generous and gentle, kind and brave


What's New @ Friends

Let There be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with Me

(Dec 19, 2014)

The stage for Winterfest 2o14 was set with four candles decorated with ribbons to represent four...

OPEN HOUSE Sunday, January 11

(Dec 15, 2014)

Join us for a look at the people and places that make up Friends Academy. On Sunday, January 11 (...


(Dec 9, 2014)

Friends Academy students loaded a van with cartons of carefully wrapped packages yesterday. ...

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