Sally Borden School
Summer Program

All-School Meeting

We come together as a school community every Wednesday morning in the Commons. This forty-minute weekly meeting is a time for sharing.  We sing together, talk about the books we love, report on our athletic contests, and demonstrate our musical talents, our academic achievements, and our artistic pursuits. When seventh graders embark on a can and bottle drive to help a local animal shelter, we learn about it at All-School.  When the pre-school writes a book about “Animals Let Loose in the Big School,” we listen to their young voices at All-School. 

Regardless of age, students show respect and admiration for one another in All-School Meeting.  The forum provides a consistent time and a safe place where they are free to take risks.  Students practice public speaking and develop the confidence to stand and address their peers and to share their stories in whatever form they take. Conversely, students learn to listen attentively to each other. This reinforces a powerful community-defining message—every voice matters—that our students carry with them as they move within and beyond the walls of Friends Academy. 

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