The Bridge Program is open to students in both the first and second grade who demonstrate a significant need for extra support in reading.  This is established with in-house testing or through psychoeducational evaluation.

Initially, when identified, the student will be placed in a group with other classmates to receive additional support 2-4 times a week, given by a trained Orton-Gillingham Reading and Support Specialist.

If tri-annual testing shows little or no improvement, teachers and parents begin to consult about next steps. These could include a full evaluation or more extensive testing at Friends.  The student can also be recommended for the Bridge Program.  

Available in first and second grade, students receive a period of Orton-Gillingham instruction every day either one-on-one or in a group of two. Their reading and support specialist “pushes into” the child’s classroom to be available to help with reading, writing, math, or projects. This is coordinated by Laura Velazquez, the Director of the Sally Borden Program.

At the end of second grade, the Director of SBP, parents and teacher decide whether the student needs the Sally Borden Program or if s/he can go to 3rd grade and be successful with tutoring.