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Friends Academy, with its 200-year history as a center for learning and growth in the South Coast area, hopes to be able to use its expertise to give back to the community.  Over the years, we have bee able to help our students perform at and above their expectations.  The effects last a lifetime.  By establishing the Center for Education Innovation (CEI), Friends hopes to extend and export its proven methods and resources to improve and sustain teaching and learning across the South Coast region and beyond. 

This year, CEI/Friends embarked on a pilot program with the Hayden McFadden School in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  During this pilot year, the Center took aim at the thoughtful integration of technology at Hayden McFadden School to see how it could strengthen teacher effectiveness, boost student test scores, and improve the school’s success in educating students.  By teaching teachers to apply individualized instruction using sophisticated assessments, practice systems and technology, the Center for Education Innovation hopes to leave behind a supportive learning community of teachers who progress in a continuous culture of innovation. 

The overarching goals of The Center for Education Innovation are to:

  • develop twenty-first century tools such as critical thinking, problem solving, analyzing, synthesizing, and applying information to new solutions or new problems;
  • shift the culture of the classroom from teacher-centered to student-centered;
  • create a new model of urban education that can be exported to other school systems;
  • support teachers by providing one-on-one mentoring to help change teachers’ practice;
  • provide professional development to teachers so that they teach for understanding while integrating technology.
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