Sally Borden School
Summer Program

Why Friends Academy?

Our classes are intentionally small

We teach to the student, not to the test

Our differences enrich our culture

We honor multiple intelligences

We are a community of learners shaped by student-teacher relationships that are forged with care and purpose

We value the written word

We are inventors, composers, researchers, and poets

We’re not afraid to tackle the big questions

We utilize the latest technology

We grow vegetables to share with others

We stand out and we stand together

We believe in recess

We partner with our parents

We are mathematicians, athletes, woodworkers and artists

We are free to be ourselves

We think it’s fun to be smart

There is no back of the class

We learn by serving those in need

We strive to be generous and gentle, truthful and brave

We tend bees and make our own honey

We model ethical behavior

We collaborate inside and out of the classroom

We play outside on 65 acres of fields and woodland

We value sportsmanship

We respect learning differences

More than getting the answers right, we strive to ask the right questions

We come from a variety of racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds

We represent 25 different towns and cities in MA and RI

And…we’re more than well prepared for the secondary school of our choice

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