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Summer Program


The following is a list with descriptions, of the classes that will be offered during the 2017 Summer Programs Season. 

LITTLE Friends  

Little Friends continues to be a fun time for everyone, and we’re ready for another camp season! It is designed especially for our youngest campers. Miss Koryn and Miss Gail from our After-School Program will team up with Kenny and Maddy to create a nurturing first camp experience. They are skilled at organizing camp for preschool-aged children, pacing the day so that activities alternate between active and quietly passive - helping each camper navigate the day more successfully. Whether you choose the half- or full-day program, this camp has plenty to offer in a safe enriching environment filled with fun, friends, and age appropriate adventure. Children must be 3 to 4 years of age (5 years if not attending kindergarten in the fall), and potty trained to attend Little Friends. Register weekly, June 12-July 28.Cost:$260/week for full days, $165/week for half days. Discount available for four or more weeks of Little Friends per camper (full day only).

SUMMER Friends

Summer Friends is the camp that started it all here at Friends Academy over fifteen years ago. The school was getting so many requests and inquiries from parents of young children looking for an alternative to the big box camps that were prevalent in the area. We decided to start a camp that would be and feel safe and nurturing for our youngest friends. Small groups, familiar and caring staff, fun and educational theme-driven activities all were and still are the focus of Summer Friends. What a great way to build new friendships and make lasting connections that will carry on throughout the school year, and for many summers to come. Taught by popular Friends teachers Mrs. Gangi and Miss Tammaro, joined again this year by another favorite, Czarina, and others, Summer Friends is the ultimate camp experience with an emphasis on personal attention for each camper. Each week brings with it a new and exciting adventure. Register weekly, June 12-July 28. Cost:260/week. Discount available for four or more weeks of Summer Friends per camper.


Adventure Friends is an outdoor program designed to be both fun and educational for students entering grades 4 through 6. Making extensive use of the campus grounds—from the ropes course to the fields, the woods, and the river—this program is highlighted by the initiative games and low elements of our extensive and unique ropes course and the Giant Swing. The campers also learn many types of outdoor cooking skills, map and compass skills, knots and lashings, canoe and water safety, and generally how they can enjoy, appreciate, and conserve the outdoors. Week 4 of this camp spends the mornings on the low and high elements of our 23-station ropes course for a dose of adventure, and then campers attend outdoor games in the afternoons for some good old fashioned fun. Taught by Mr. Pelissier and friends. An added feature of the Adventure Program is an optional overnight. These will take place on the Thursday night of the first three weeks. Meals, tents, and activities will be provided. Campers will need their own sleeping and hygiene gear. Register weekly, June 12-July 7. Cost: 260/week. Discount available for four or more weeks of Adventure or Survivor Friends per camper.


How do you find water in the woods when there are no rivers or lakes? How do you make sure it’s safe to drink? Can you start a fire without matches? In this course you will learn these skills and more that will help you to feel confident in your ability to survive in the woods if the need arises. Other skills will include proper care and safe handling of knives, how to construct traps and snares, cooking what you find or catch, shelter building, first aid and others. Taught by Mr. Pelissier and friends. Register weekly, July 10-July 21.Cost:$260/week. Discount available for four or more weeks of Adventure or Survivor Friends per camper.


Grades 5-9 | Full Days 9-3 July 31-August 4

Based on the bestselling book The Gutsy Girl, “Girl Power” is a week-long adventure focusing on female empowerment. Each day will feature a fun and engaging experience in a different field, including outdoor training, principles of coding and STEM, media literacy and sports. The days will also be peppered with useful history lessons about women’s important roles in world history. The program is intended to excite the participants’ curiosity, opening new avenues for further exploration. Join Ms. Lord and get powered up! Cost:$260/week


Grades 5-9 | Afternoons 1:00-3:30 July 10-21

Wanted: Kids who like to play. Do you like adventure? Do you like challenges? Most importantly…do you like to play? Want to just be a kid for a week? Based on the classic book The Dangerous Book for Boys, The Dangerous Camp for Kids is for boys AND girls. We’re going to put the fun into summer old-school style. Activities may include: building and racing classic go-karts, building and sailing rafts, building forts, creating secret codes, playing cards, and more. This summer, live Dangerously! Cost: $285/2 weeks



Grades 5–8 | Afternoons 1-3 June 26-30

We all love superhero books and movies, so why not create our own? We will read, discuss, brainstorm, and then create our own larger-than-life character. Our imagination will lead us to illustrate our own individual heroes. Then we will write stories about them, make videos about them, create families and personal histories for them, and more. This camp will integrate uninhibited creativity with writing, reading, art, and technology. Cost: $140/week (includes all supplies)


Grades 3-6 | Afternoons 1-3 July 3-7

Are you a “fan” of certain book, movie or television characters? At this exciting summer camp you can write your own “Fan Fiction” story! Each camper will learn the basic elements of a short story to plan out their own adventures using their favorite story characters. Students will write drafts and edit stories for clarity, spelling and punctuation. After inputting their story on the computer, students will bind their books, illustrate and share with the group. On Friday, during the author’s share, students may dress as their characters if they wish, adding a further dimension to their story. Cost: $140/week


Grades 3–6 | Half Day 9-12 July 10-14

This camp will be an opportunity to enjoy favorite summer camp crafts. Explore the classics such as splatter painting and rope bracelets. Learn something new or enjoy working on one of your favorite things. There will be lots to do and you will learn skills that will allow you to keep on crafting long after summer camp is over. Cost: $150/week


Grades 4–8 | Mornings 9–12 July 10-14

From theater games to a staged performance, workshop members will learn to be comfortable acting on stage and creating scenery, props, and costumes. The chosen play will be determined by the number and experience of the participants enrolled. A final performance will be held at 11:00 am on Friday, July 14th for the friends and families of participating thespians. Taught by Mr. Bean, famous long-time Friends music and drama teacher. Cost: $150/week


Grades 4–8 | Mornings 9–12 July 10-14

This fun class will primarily focus on projects that involve hand-building fun and exciting projects with clay using a variety of techniques. Children will use natural objects to create texture and inspiration for sculptures and tableware. Taught by camper favorite Morgan Bozarth, art teacher at Dartmouth High School and regionally recognized artist. Cost: $165/week (includes supplies)


Grades 3–6 | Mornings 9-12 July 10-14

Looking for Platform 9 & 3/4, but can’t find it? Come to the Wizarding World of Wonder, located for one week only, on the Friends Academy campus. Learn mini-lessons in classes similar to those taken by your favorite boy wizard. Create different crafts, and participate in plenty of hands-on activities, including a modified version of Muggle Quidditch. You’ll have more fun if you’ve read the books or seen the movies, but it’s not required. Join Professor Lawless for a week of magical fun! Cost: $160/week


Grades 3-6 / Afternoons 1-3 July 10-14

Ever feel a little sad when it’s time to pack away your Halloween decorations? Ever feel disappointed that your costume is only seen once or twice after all the hard work and planning that went into it? Halloween in July camp is for you! Come in costume and listen to and create your own spooky stories. Create crafts and make Halloween-themed games. You will be promised plenty of tricks and treats to tide you over until October. Mrs. Lawless is the Queen of Halloween! Cost: $140/week


Grades 4-8 | Afternoons 1-3 July 10-14

Basket weaving is an ancient and beautiful art. Come join Ms. Tammaro to learn the art of weaving a basket. Each camper will make a melon basket and a round bottom basket, and have a skill they can use for the rest of their lives! We will have fun, create beautiful baskets, and learn skills that can be used again and again. Cost: $140/week


Two camps are offered for different age groups:

Grades K-3 | Afternoons 1-3 July 10-14

Grades 4-8 | Afternoons 1-3 July 31-August 4

Launch into a fun-filled week exploring the art of dance with Cortney Puza, director of Motion the Dance Studio! Discover creative movement, self-awareness, and dance technique in a positive environment. Teamwork is encouraged through partner work, games and daily performance opportunities. Emphasis will be placed on developing skills to learn and teach dance choreography. Camp will culminate with a final performance on Friday afternoon showcasing campers’ accomplishments. Cost: $140/week


Grades 5–9 | Mornings 9–12 July 17-21

Whether you are an experienced songwriter or new to the art, this camp is for you. If you’ve never written a song we’ll tap into your musical passions so you can pen your own. Campers will work on their own songs as well as in collaboration with others to emote through lyrics. If you love to write, but don’t have the musical accompaniment, Mr. Murdock will provide the harmonic background. By the end of the workshop, students will have a demo to shop around. Taught by Putnam Murdock, songwriting graduate of Berklee School of Music, and experienced guitarist/ singer/songwriter. Check him out at Cost: $150/week


Grades 5–8 | Mornings 9–12 July 24-28

Join Morgan Bozarth of the Dartmouth High School Art Department and learn to create your own artisan jewelry. Students will learn the fundamentals of stringing, beading, wire work and simple metalsmithing. They will design and make finished pieces of jewelry for themselves or to give as gifts! Cost: $150/week (includes supplies)


Grades 4–8 | Afternoons 12:30-3:30 July 24-28

Do you like drawing or painting? Nurture your knowledge of art and create masterpieces of your very own. At this camp, focused on 2D art media, you will learn about color theory, art history, and the basic elements of art and design to expand your creative thinking. Express yourself through drawing, painting, collage, and more! Cost: $150/week


Grades 3–8 | Mornings 9-12 July 31-August 4

This summer, learn the ways of the Force as we pay homage to this popular series of movies!  While learning about technology, biology, and maybe, a bit of theology, this camp will surely be an unforgettable experience.  Discover that galaxy far, far away, and also, the one we call home. Cost:160/wk


Grades 3-6 | Afternoons 1-3 July 31-August 4

There are spies all around us - Maybe. But we don’t know because they don’t want to be seen… Learn to use some of the tricks and tools of the trade in this exciting spy training camp. Cost: $140/week


Grades 2–6 | Full Days 9–3 July 31-August 4

Experience living in the past as we explore a different doll’s history each day. We try cooking, crafting and singing songs of that time period. It is a great way to make friends with others that share the same love of dolls. All dolls are welcome. Come be yourself and learn more about the way life was as a girl years ago. Taught by Czarina Shartle and friends. Cost: $260/week



Grades 4–9 | Afternoons 1–3 July 10-21

Why spend time playing games on your phone, when you could be learning to make them? Learn how to design and program your very own apps for Android and iPhone, using M.I.T.’s App Inventor. This camp welcomes all students, even first-time programmers, to explore app creation—no phones needed. Cost: $250/2 weeks


Grades 4–8 | Mornings 9–12 July 17-21

There are two types of photos: one simply to record your memories, an exact replica of a scene you want to remember; the other is a form of expression, where you aim to provoke the viewer’s senses - whether it be how vast and open a field of flowers can look, or the warmth and coziness a small cottage might have. Learn how to explore your world through photography. There are so many amazing subjects just waiting to be discovered through the lens of your camera or smartphone! Learn how to enhance or manipulate your photographs like the pros, using web-based editing software. Cost: $150/week


Grades 4–9 | Afternoons 1–3 July 24-August 4

Have you ever wanted to create your own video games? This camp offers you the chance to do just that. Using Scratch, a teaching language developed at M.I.T., students will plan, design, and code their very own games. Programming topics taught will include conditional statements, looping structures, variables, arrays, algorithm development, and logic. This camp is perfect for anyone interested in video games, regardless of prior experience. Cost: $250/2 weeks


Grades 3–8 | Afternoons 12:30-3 July 24-28

Stop motion is a fun animation technique. In this course, we’ll learn how to use still photos to create short films. You’ll learn how to shoot and edit your photos in a timeline. We’ll add audio, voice-overs, transitions, and effects. By the end of this class, you’ll produce your first stop motion video. Cost: $150/week


Grades 5–9 | Afternoons 1-3 July 31-August 4

Have you ever wanted to make your own movies? This 1-week camp will teach you the basics of video editing using iMovie. Bring ideas for a short movie or bring videos you’ve already shot. Perfect for beginning filmmakers. Cost: $140/week


Grades 4–8 | Afternoons 12:30–3:00 July 24-28

Using kits from Lego, students build their own robots and learn how to program them to react and interact with their environment and to perform certain tasks. The class will be structured with teacher-led instruction and then followed up with hands-on learning experiences. Programming and writing code is emphasized as students learn how to instruct the robots. Activities include Robot Races, Save the Pedestrians, Bug in a Box, Robot Golf, and a Robot Obstacle Course Challenge. Taught by Mr. Lobato. Cost: $140/week


Grades 6-9 | Mornings 9-12 July 31-August 4

If you have ever wanted to develop your own website, this is the camp for you. From layout and photo editing, to learning the language of the web (HTML and CSS), this course does it all. Cost: $150/week



Mornings 9–12 June 26-August 4

Through this six-week course, students are exposed to systematic, phonetically-based, multi-sensory instruction to facilitate decoding the English language. These techniques are scientifically proven to assist struggling learners to succeed with reading, writing, and spelling. The multisensory programs involve active participation in order to enhance learning and memory. To reinforce associations, these methods simultaneously engage the visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic senses. In addition to Orton-Gillingham instruction, students also receive support through the implementation of Read Naturally and Lexia, computer-based programs designed to target and enhance reading fluency, comprehension, and decoding. The course can be easily combined with any of the Friends afternoon offerings. Cost: $2,100/6 weeks.

Multiple classes will be run to accommodate different grades and reading levels.


Grades 6–8 | Mornings 9–12 June 26-August 4

The Summer Math and Reading Maintenance course is designed to specifically address the needs of middle school students with Language-Based Learning Differences and/or Dyscalculia. The highly structured and supportive environment of this class will allow students to review previously learned skills and frontload new strategies for math and writing prior to entering school in the fall.

Essential Math Skills

The summer math class offers each student an opportunity to re-examine and incorporate essential math skills needed to take on math in the upcoming school year. Informal diagnostic testing, weekly assessments, and daily warm-up exercises will be utilized to gauge individual student progress. Over the course of six weeks, students will have reviewed the following skill areas:

  • Basic operations, including PEMDAS (Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction)

  • Conversion of fractions and decimals

  • Understanding percent notation and learning to express a part of a whole as a fraction or percent

  • Problem solving, including picture drawing strategies and understanding the language of word problems

  • Integers (Performing basic operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)

  • Evaluating Variable Expressions (variables, expressions, equations)

  • Introduction to Solving One-Step Equations

Essential Writing Skills

The summer writing class offers students an intensive, structured approach through which they can begin to develop expository writing skills.The two primary goals of this program are to raise the linguistic complexity of students’ sentences and to improve the organization of their compositions.  Another goal of the class is to provide systematic instruction in fundamental writing by utilizing differentiated strategies for individual students in the class. Texts used will include Report Form Process by the developers of Project Read and Teaching Basic Writing Skills by Judith Hochman. Additionally, teacher-designed materials also will be incorporated into daily lessons.

Specific areas of instruction will include the following topics:

1.     sentence expansion techniques

2.     summary writing

3.     essay responses

4.     thesis development (2 weeks)

5.     proofreading and editing skills

Cost: $2,100/6 weeks.


Grades 3–8 | Mornings 9–12 June 26-July 7

In this two-week course, children will learn all aspects of the writing process, as well as the traits that make writing good using quality literature as examples. Children will learn in a workshop environment, while exploring memoirs, historical fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction, poetry and more. Each student will have an opportunity to illustrate their work and celebrate with an Author’s Tea at the end of the session. Taught by Mrs. Ross-Cory. Cost: $350/2 weeks


Grades 3-6 | Mornings 9-12 July 3-7

This camp is intended to give participants a better understanding of, and appreciation for, the varied ecosystems that the Friends Academy campus has to offer. With a focus on active exploration and data collection, campers will learn to use a variety of field tools to collect specimens for closer observation and study, and will construct their own nature journals for documenting their discoveries. Through various hands-on activities, campers will discover new ways of making sense of the world around them. Cost: $140/week


Grades 3-6 | Afternoons 1-3 July 3-7

In this camp We will take physics learning to a new dimension with epic experiments and activities investigating motion, gravity, friction and other forces of physics. We will test Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion and discover the amazing world of physics with an awesome range of activities including building paper airplanes, egg drop challenge, roller coasters, and ramps and jumps for Hot Wheels cars. Cost: $120/week


Grades 1–3 | Mornings 9–12 July 17-21

Is there an engineer hiding inside of you? In this camp session, students will explore and create simple machines. Students will work together to explore levers, pulleys, and inclined planes. We will identify simple machines at work in the classroom and create our own simple machines. It is amazing what simple machines can do! After exploring examples of simple machines, students will let their imaginations run wild and design their own powerful machines. Taught again by our own Ms. Tammaro! Cost: $150/week


Grades 1–6 | Mornings 9–12 July 17-28

Math fans unite! Have you ever measured a room (or yourself) using toilet paper, explored geometric shapes using glow-sticks in a dark room, or given your favorite stuffed animal a ride on a zip line? In Hands-On Math topics such as probability, measurement, topography, game theory, and others are explored with fun, hands-on, and age-appropriate activities. Mr. Lobato takes things far beyond the pages of any textbook! The program is new and different every year, so even if you’ve come before there’s plenty of new and exciting surprises ahead. Cost: $350/2 weeks


Grades 1–3 | Afternoons 1–3 July 17-21

Join Ms. Tammaro to explore the natural world at Friends Academy and discover nature around you. Students will create art projects and science experiments that explore the function and parts of plants and insects found on our daily outings. Bring your sun hat, bug spray, and sense of adventure! Cost: $140/week


Grades 4–8 | Afternoons 1–3 July 17-21

In rocketry, we explore the various principles and science behind why and how rockets work through building our own rockets out of materials like styrofoam trays and film canisters as well as with pre-packaged kits. The highlight of the week, though, comes at the end when students get to launch their rockets and send them hundreds of feet into the air. Cost: $140/week


Grades 1-4 | Mornings 9-12 July 24-28

How tall a tower can you build? Can you build a strong bridge using just paper?  Participants will design a bridge out of newspaper that will support a pile of books.  Can you figure out how to build a field of dominoes that will set off a chemical reaction?   In this camp you will use your creativity, imagination, design and redesign skills to create a new inventions and contraptions.  We will have fun doing what engineers do - solving problems using available materials. Cost:$150/week


Grades 1–3 | Afternoons 1–3 July 24-28

Come ready to explore the different properties of air and air currents while constructing different types of kites, parachutes and paper airplanes. If it can fly through the air we will do it here! We’ll all learn through a variety of very active hands-on activities. Cost: $140/week


Grades 4-6 | Mornings 9-12 July 24-August 4

Want to immerse yourself into a new language and culture? If so, this camp is for you! Using interactive learning tools, kids will use hands on, fun methods to learn and improve their Spanish. Campers will work on speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. They will explore the culture through traditional food, dance, history, music, media, and much more. Cost: $350.00/two weeks


Grades 4-8 | Afternoons 1-3 July 31-August 4

Lovers of poetry, please come by,

We can write, we can speak,

It will be worth a try!

Haiku, sonnets, limericks, too,

All kinds of poetry-

What you write is up to you!

Together we will use music and art

To help share our ideas-

And that’s just a start!

At the end we’ll proudly share what we do,

learn how to edit, slam, and read aloud.

If you like to write, this camp is for you!

Cost: $130/week



Grades 4–8 | Mornings 9–12 July 10-14

Back by popular demand! You’ve seen them on TV, those cupcake shows where chefs bake amazing looking themed cupcakes that are then judged by other chefs. How would you like to try that out for yourselves, without the pressure of cranky judges? Join cupcake baker extraordinaire, Lisa Barata, as she helps you create delicious and amazing, tasty and beautiful cupcakes. Birds, animals, monsters, insects and more; the limit to what you can create lies only in your imagination. Cost: $160/week


Grades 3-5 | Mornings 9:00-12:00 July 17-21

Grades 6–8 | Afternoons 12:30-3:30 July 17-21 This will be a more advanced version of the morning offering.

Let’s make pasta! Create your own handmade pasta. You will learn recipes to make flat noodles, lasagna noodles, and stuffed pasta such as ravioli and tortellini. You will even make fried ravioli filled with Nutella for dessert! Each day of camp we will try a new recipe. You will take home whatever you make and your family will beg for more!!! Cost: $160/week


Grades 4–8 | Afternoons 12:30-3:00 July 24-28

Learn to make scrumptious treats that you, your friends, and your family will love! Cookies, tarts, scones, and more. Hand-roll your own pie dough to add that extra something to your irresistible apple pie. The yummy treats you learn how to make will leave everyone begging for more and you taking all of the credit! Walk away from this class with delicious sweets, great recipes, and new skills and techniques that will last you a lifetime! Join Ms. Maillet to have some fun and make some yum! Cost: $150/week



Grades 3–8 | Afternoons 1–3 July 3-7

The Friends Academy outdoor games clinic offers boys and girls entering grades 3 through 8 an opportunity to enjoy some of the most popular outdoor activities. From Capture the Flag to Kick Ball to Kick the Can, the Outdoor Games Clinic utilizes the entire 65-acre campus, which includes three full playing fields, wooded trails, and more. Instructed by Mr. Pelissier and friends. Cost: $110/week


Full Day 9–3 or Half Day 9–12 July 10-14

We are partnering with Challenger Sports again this year to bring you top-level coaches and an amazing soccer curriculum. The early mastery of core technical skills is one of the most important elements in the development of youth soccer players. The more time the players spend in contact with the ball as they learn and develop core skills, the quicker they will master them and the better they will be at executing them in their games. Challenger Sports has amazing coaches (with awesome accents!) who run innovative practices that will achieve these goals, all with a unique cultural twist. It all combines for a one-of-a-kind camp experience! You can register for this camp with our brochure, or online at In addition to the FA Camp t-shirt, all participants will receive a free soccer ball, a challenger camp t-shirt, and if you register online with Challenger Sports 45 days prior to the start of camp, a Challenger Sports British Soccer Jersey. Cost: Full Day $260/week | Half Day $185/week

Full Day ages 8–18 Half Day Ages 6–16


Ages 10–14 | Mornings 9–12 July 31-August 4

Do something extraordinary with instructors from the Rhode Island Fencing Academy! Fencing is a fun, safe sport that hones mind and body through a disciplined blend of determination, skill and competitiveness. Summer camp beginners develop a solid foundation of skills, while experienced fencers greatly improve performance. Using a wide range of bouting and fencing-specific games and drills, this program for children develops coordination, concentration, self-esteem and etiquette. By conquering physical and mental challenges, students will grow in confidence and technical proficiency. Many past RIFAC summer camp participants have gone on to win regional and national medals; others occupy top positions in the US Youth standings. Don’t miss out on this unique learning experience. Cost: $220/week


Grades 4–8 | Afternoons 1–3 July 31-August 4

Our archery program offers children a unique opportunity to experience the joy of shooting a bow as well as learning about different disciplines of the sport. Each day we will start off with a focus on range rules, safety commands and developing proper form, correct muscle memory, confidence and enhanced concentration. We will also review the types of bows and other archery equipment used for this sport. Scoring techniques will be taught and the children will have the opportunity to shoot at fun targets such as balloons and watermelons. We will also discuss ethical hunting practices and wildlife management. Our Instructor is a Level One certified archery instructor. Cost: $150/week


Afternoons 1–3 Weekly, June 26–August 4

So you went to a camp in the morning, but for some reason none of the afternoon camps really catch your interest. You want to stay and hang out with your friends, or maybe you can’t even get a ride home yet. What do you do? Stay for the “Afternoon Hang Out Zone.” Foosball, ping-pong, air hockey, bumper pool, board games, basketball, and more are all waiting for you and your friends every afternoon here in the Zone. What, you’re not going to a camp in the morning, but you still want to come and spend some time? That’s OK too! Sign up weekly whether you’ll be here in the morning or just joining us for the afternoons. See you there! Cost: $120/week


Surround Care is available from 8:00am-9:00am prior to the start of camp for $10/day, and from 3:00-5:00 pm after camp for $10/ hour. Surround Care will be held in the Commons for all children. Pre-registration is required for children to attend. The form can be found on the Summer Programs page on the Friends Academy website. If your child arrives before 8:50am or is picked up after 3:10pm, you will be charged for Surround Care.

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