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In a safe and nurturing environment, the Friends Academy After-School Program offers a variety of activities and options that suit each student’s needs on any given day.  The After-School Program has been designed to meet the scheduling requirements of both the children and parents at Friends Academy.  We also offer a wide array of after-school enrichment classes. Courses will begin in September, January, and April. Course descriptions will be sent home prior to the beginning of each session.


The activities available to children are as varied as the children themselves.  Preschoolers through 2nd graders meet each day in the Kindergarten rooms and 3rd through 8th graders meet in the library. Both groups have easy access to school facilities, including the gym, the playground, arts-and-crafts spaces, and open areas that are ideal for outdoor games in good weather.  Daily snacks are provided for all children.

Enrichment Options

Throughout the year, different enrichment options will be available for students.  These may include, but will not be limited to: cooking classes, technology workshops, dance classes, photography, knitting, or other academic, creative, or athletic opportunities.  Types of classes, dates, times, and costs of classes will be announced throughout the year.  Pre-registration for these classes is required. Students may go to these classes and then to the After-School Program if needed.   



The After-School Program is overseen by director, Charles Pelissier and Hillary Parker, who have significant experience working with children. Gail Coble, Shantelle Rodrigues, Aleesia Gonzales, and Mary DeMello will be returning to the program. They will be joined by newcomers Melanie Cioper and Kenny Mackenzie. Kenny is an FA alum, and spent this summer working in our summer programs with our youngest campers in Little Friends. Additional assistants will be on hand in order to keep the teacher-to-student ratio as low as possible. The After-School Program’s primary goal is to provide a fun and safe environment for the children.

Hours of Operation

The After-School Program operates from 3:05 pm until 5:30 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays; on Wednesdays, the program runs from 2:10 pm until 5:30 pm.  The program begins on the first official day of school in September, ends on the last day of school in June, and observes the same holidays noted on the Friends Academy school calendar.  Care is also available on Parent/Teacher Conference days and Class Day morning.  In case of inclement weather, the After-School Program follows the same snow day policy as Friends Academy; however, if emergency snow conditions develop during the day, the program may be canceled even if regular classes are in session.  In this case, parents who have registered their children for after-care that day will be notified during school hours of the closing.


  1. Complete the enclosed registration form here, taking note to indicate your child’s specific interests or needs with the After-School Program.
  2. Include a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee per child.
  3. Return both to the school office.

Daily Rates:  $10.00 per hour per child for those who are registered, $20.00 per hour per child for those who are not registered.

Late pickups:  For pick-ups after 5:30 pm, there will a late fee of $10.00 assessed for every 15 minutes of necessary additional supervision.  Repeated pick-up after 5:30 pm may result in the suspension or loss of After-School privileges.

NOTE:  If you decide during the day that you wish for your child to attend the After-School Program, please contact the office immediately. We must be given adequate notice in order to arrange the appropriate supervision of your child. 

The same expectations for appropriate behavior for the school day apply to the After-School Program.

For more information about the Friends Academy After-School Program and The Sally Borden Study Hall, contact Laura Velazquez, Director of The Sally Borden Program, or Charley Pelissier, Director of External Programs by telephone at (508) 999-1356 or by email at or


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