Sally Borden School
Summer Program


We encourage students of all levels of experience and ability to participate in our after school interscholastic athletics program. Friends Academy coaches guide and motivate students in the areas of skill development, tactical decision­‐making, and physical fitness. We are process­‐oriented but also revel in the thrill of competition. The ultimate goal of our athletics program is to instill in each student an appreciation for effort, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Fall offerings:

  • Cross country (co­‐ed; students in grades 5‐8) 

    Running shoes
    comfortable clothing


  • Soccer (co­‐ed; students in grades 5­‐8)

    Mouth guard
    Shin guards
    Headgear for soccer **optional**


  • Field hockey (6­‐8 grade girls only)

    Caged goggles
    Field Hockey stick
    Shin guards
    Mouth guards


Winter offerings:

  • Basketball (boys, girls; students in grades 6­‐8)

Spring offerings:

  • Lacrosse (boys, girls; students in grades 5­‐8) 
  • Track (co­‐ed; students in grades 5‐8) 
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