More commonly known as  “pink eye” is a contagious illness for school age children. Please use this link to learn more about signs, symptoms and treatment.

Baby it’s Cold Outside!

The weather is heading into colder temperatures so please send students to school with appropriate clothing. Recess is alway outside unless extreme conditions exist. Remember to label all clothing so if it is lost it can be returned to the rightful owner. If you have an extra pair of snow pants and boots to leave at school it makes it easier for the younger students. Stay warm!


How do you stay in touch with recalls on food and drugs? Use this link to sign up for notifications on recalls, medwatch safety alerts, outbreaks, and so much more:

Flu Season is Here

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend all children ages 6 months and older receive a flu shot. Every year the flu is very unpredictable but the precautions to decrease exposure remain the same.

Here are some recommendations by the CDC:

  • Encourage students, parents, and staff to take everyday preventive actions to stop the spread of germs.
  • Encourage students and staff to stay home when sick.
  • Encourage respiratory etiquette among students-frequent handwashing and to cover the cough
  • Encourage students and staff to keep their hands away from their nose, mouth, and eyes.
  • Encourage routine surface cleaning

Please go to for more information