At Friends Academy, learning is more than reading, writing, and math. Even our youngest students serve their community and connect globally.

Students enjoy a progressive, well-rounded education built on exercising their creativity, exploring community, building confidence and reaching personal achievement. Inspired by our school values, this is shaped in a supportive and safe environment in which to make mistakes, apply original ideas, and experience a thoughtful approach to learning.

Curriculum is inclusive and integrated. For instance, when exploring whaling in New Bedford, 4th grade students craft scrimshaw in art, learn about our largest mammals in science, and sing sea shanties in music.  They read the a variety of books, view video, and take field trips to the New Bedford Whaling Museum, the Mystic Seaport, and the Manjiro House. They then apply what they have learned by creating game boards about aspects of whaling, write diary entries from a person of their choice on a whale ship, and create Moby Dick selfies –

These early grades are also an important time for self-expression and achievement, not only in the classroom, but also through the arts and programs such as Winterfest, the Bookworm Celebration, dramatic performances, and the Buddy Program in which older students work with younger students. By the end of grade five, students have grown as leaders and have come to discover the joys of expressing themselves clearly, creatively, and confidently.

Please see our curriculum pages to explore your child’s grade level and those to come.

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