Home Admissions Virtual Tour

To schedule a personal family tour, please contact Peter Bidstrup, Director of Enrollment, or complete an online inquiry or application.

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Lower School

  • virtual-tour_classroom_lower-school7
    Kindergarten Classroom
  • virtual-tour_classroom_lower-school5
    First Grade Classroom
  • virtual-tour_classroom_lower-school6
    Second Grade Classroom
  • virtual-tour_classroom_lower-school3
    Fourth Grade Classroom
  • virtual-tour_classroom_lower-school2
    Fifth Grade Classroom
  • virtual-tour_classroom_lower-school1
    Sally Borden Program Classroom
  • virtual-tour_classroom-lower-school-science
    Lower School Science Classroom
  • virtual-tour_classroom_lower-school-art
    Lower School Art Classroom
  • virtual-tour_classroom-lower-school-music
    Lower School Music Classroom

Middle School

  • virtual-tour_classroom_middle-school2
    Middle School Science Lab
  • virtual-tour_classroom_middle-school5
    Middle School Classroom
  • virtual-tour_middle-school-atrium
    Middle School Atrium (Upstairs Common Area)
  • virtual-tour_classroom_middle-school1
    Middle School Sally Borden Program Classroom
  • virtual-tour_classroom_middle-school4
    Middle School Common Area (Downstairs)
  • virtual-tour_classroom_middle-school3
    Middle School Spanish Classroom
  • virtual-tour_classroom_middle-school-art
    Middle School Art Classroom


  • virtual-tour_farmhouse_art-studio4
    Farmhouse Interior (Art Studio)
  • virtual-tour_farmhouse_art-studio3
    Farmhouse Interior (Art Studio)
  • virtual-tour_farmhouse_interior3
    Farmhouse Interior (Science Studio)
  • virtual-tour_farmhouse_color-light-studio3
    Farmhouse Interior (Color and Light Studio)
  • virtual-tour_farmhouse_architecture-studio2
    Farmhouse Interior (Architecture Studio)
  • virtual-tour_farmhouse_main-room2
    Farmhouse Interior (Main Room)
  • virtual-tour_farmhouse_exterior
    Farmhouse (Exterior from Front Door)
  • virtual-tour_farmhouse_playground4
    Farmhouse Playground
  • virtual-tour_farmhouse-playground1
    Farmhouse Playground
  • virtual-tour_farmhouse-playground3
    Farmhouse Stage/Playground

Common Areas

  • virtual-tour_common-areas_commons1
    The Commons (All-School Meeting)
  • virtual-tour_common-areas_commons2
    The Commons (Middle School Concert)
  • virtual-tour_common-areas_gym
  • virtual-tour_common-areas_library1
    Library (Early Readers Area)
  • virtual-tour_common-areas_library2
    Library (Classroom Area)
  • virtual-tour_common-areas_tiles
    Graduation Tiles
  • virtual-tour_common-areas_friendship-mural
    Friendship Mural


  • virtual-tour_campus_morgan-street-bell
    Morgan Street Bell and Stage
  • virtual-tour_campus_stage
    Outdoor Stage (All-School Meeting)
  • virtual-tour_campus_pavilion1
    Pavilion (Back to School Night)
  • virtual-tour_campus_garden1
    Garden and Farmhouse
  • virtual-tour_campus_playground2
    Lower School Playground (Swings and Field)
  • virtual-tour_campus_playground1
    Lower School Playground (Slide and Climbing Structures)
  • virtual-tour_campus_playground3
    Lower School Playground (Basketball Court)
  • virtual-tour_campus_upper-field1
    Upper Athletic Field (Field Hockey Practice)
  • virtual-tour_campus_lower-field1
    Lower Athletic Field (Soccer Game)
  • virtual-tour_campus_front-lawn
    Front Lawn (Cross-Country Meet)
  • virtual-tour_campus_trails1
    Trail Through the Woods (Cross-Country Meet)
  • virtual-tour_campus_home-base
    Classroom in the Woods (“Home Base”)
  • virtual-tour_campus_vernal-pool
    Vernal Pool
  • virtual-tour_campus_river
    Edge of the Paskamanset River
  • virtual-tour_campus_ropes-course2
    Low Ropes Course
  • virtual-tour_campus_ropes-course1
    High Ropes Course