All-School Announcements 02.04.18

February 2, 2018

Summer Camp Registration is open

View the brochure and sign up for Summer Camp! Last year we had a record breaking number of camps attended!  You won't want to wait too long as many are sure to fill up. Visit our Summer Programs Page on our site for more information!

“Parent Peek” Morning on Wednesday, February 28th from 8:00 to 11:30.

We invite parents to take a look at classrooms other than their child’s. We invite you to explore what is yet to come!

Early Drop-Off

A friendly reminder that Early Drop-Off begins at 7:30, please do not leave students unattended prior to this time.

Soup Schedule and After-School Cooking Class Update!

For those signed up for our soup offering (including those with take home containers), soup WILL be served on 2/21/18 and will NOT be served on 2/28/18.

Those students enrolled in our After-School Enrichment Cooking Class should know that class will take place on 2/21/18 and NOT on 2/28/18.

Child Care During Conferences: Feb. 16th

Child care will be available on the February 16th student led conference day from 7:30am-5:30pm. There is no charge for care during your child’s scheduled conference time. If you would like to have your child spend more time at the program, regular after-school rates will apply. Please call the office to let Hillary know if your child will be attending for more than their conference time.

Friends Fest

Join us Friday February 23rd, for our family-friendly fundraiser. Click here to learn more and register! Similar to last year, we will be running an online auction in tandem with FriendsFest. Some items available last year included: tickets to a Bruins game, a ski package to The Hermitage, pottery by our own Wendy Goldsmith, and an interior design consultation. If you would like to contribute something to this year’s online auction, please call Jodi Pink at 508.999.1356, or send her an email.

Piano Lessons

If you are interested in Piano Lessons after school, Doug Large teaches contemporary piano lessons in our piano lab after school.  You can contact him to arrange a lesson and payment schedule at douglargemusic@gmail.com.

Important! School Calendar 2018-2019

We are diligently working on the school calendar for 2018-2019 and will have it published in the Spring.  But some important dates we have already established for 2018-2019 are:

First Day of school:  Tuesday September 4, 2018

Winter Break: Friday December 21, 2018 is a half day, dismissal at 12 noon.  Winter Break is from Saturday December 22, 2018 - Sunday January 6, 2019.  Classes will resume on Monday January 7, 2019.

Spring Break: From Saturday March 10, 2019 - Sunday March 24, 2019.  Classes will resume on Monday March 25, 2019

Class Day: Wednesday June 5, 2019


On Wednesday, February 7th from 8:00 to 11:30, Admissions will host First Wednesday, a time for prospective parents to visit in classrooms and explore our campus.  Please alert interested friends that this is happening!  If you would like to be a Parent Ambassador at this event or have any questions, please contact Katherine Gaudet at kgaudet@friendsacademy1810.org.  Thank you!

The Friends Academy Song Circles

In the paradigm of how music has been taught and shared for centuries, we want to continue and foster this tradition in our community. Join us the first Friday of every month, from 5-6:00 pm in the Commons. This is an offering for our parent/adult community. Bring your acoustic instruments.  Play.  Sing.  Share.  Follow along.  Or we’ll follow you. Hosted by our very own Putnam Murdock.



Many thanks to the parents who have been contributing to our athletic photo galleries! If you have athletic photos you'd like to share, email Kelly Pelissier and she'll provide you with an upload link. Click here to view.