All-School Announcements 10.28.18

October 26, 2018

Coffee Pond Photography  --  Retake Day Instructions

Coffee Pond Photography will be at Friends Academy on Tuesday, November 6 for retake day.  If your child was absent on September 28th, they are already on the retake day list but you can check in with Jeanne Machado to confirm this.  If your child was photographed on picture day and you would like additional photos taken, you have the opportunity for a retake for $10.  Please sign up no later than two days before your school’s scheduled retake day if you are interested in attending.

In order to sign up for retake day, families need to go to our website www.coffeepond.com.

  1. You will need your child’s individual password to continue. The passwords were sent to families on 10/18/18. If you have lost the email or do not have it, check your spam folder first, or you can reach out to Coffee Pond’s customer service department to request the password lifeguards@coffeepond.com
  2. If you have the password: Go to our website www.coffeepond.com. Select “place an order” and click on “school portraits” in the drop-down menu. You will need to follow the steps to access your child’s pictures and will need to enter your child’s image password.
  3. When your child’s pictures are viewable on the screen right underneath the images is this text: If you want to sign up for retakes, click here.
  4. The retake day sign up form will open and you will need to fill in the information and use a credit card to pay the $10 sign-up fee.
  5. Coffee Pond Photography Customer Service can be reached at 800-632-2323 x0 or lifeguards@coffeepond.com They can also assist you with signing up for a retake day appointment.

Upcoming Events

Ultimate Frisbee! 

Once again Mr Pelissier and Mr. Zine will be offering Ultimate Frisbee on Tuesday afternoons for students in grades 5-8. Though this is not an official sport here at FA, we will get in some great practice, and play some serious games. All skill levels are welcome, but come prepared to run and play hard. We recommend dressing as you would for a regular sports practice, but in layers, since the weather is getting colder. Please bring a water bottle. We recommend a snack as well. Please call the office to register.

We will be playing on Tuesday October 30, November 6, 13, and 20. Pick up will be at 4:45 at the gym entrance. Students left after that time will be sent to the After-School Program.

Wednesday, October 31: Halloween Parade! 

On Wednesday, October 31st at 8:15am, our Halloween parade begins!  Grades K – 5 participate in a dazzling parade of costumes, while other students spectate and cheer.  Parents are welcome to watch the parade and then join us in the Commons for our annual Halloween Assembly filled with tradition and fun!  Please note, all students change out of their costumes immediately following this assembly, and scary costumes and weapons are not allowed. Masks are fine provided they are not scary.  Middle School students may also dress up for Halloween, however the role of Middle School students during the parade is that of spectators for the younger children.

Sunday, November 4: Admissions Open House and Family Trails Event, including a StoryWalk®. Click here to learn more and register.

November 13-16: AuthorFest & Book Fair: Click on the links for more information about our upcoming book fair and author visit:

Book Fair 2018 - Information & Hours

Thursday, November 15: Join us for a great Parents Night Out at FA in support of the Book Fair. Click here to learn more and register.

First Wednesdays

Our next First Wednesday will be on November 7th from 8:00-11:00. First Wednesdays are a time when we open our doors and invite in prospective parents to attend All-School Meeting and visit in classrooms.  Please ask people you think might be interested in Friends to come! Other First Wednesday dates throughout the year are: November 7, December 5, January 9, February 6, March 6, April 3 and May 1.  Thank you!


Fall Musical 5th & 6th Grade
The Fall Musical will be Dear Edwina, a wonderful comedy about Middle School life. Please check the calendar for rehearsal dates. All cast members are expected to attend all rehearsals unless excused by Mr. Bean or Mr. Murdock.


Middle School Dance
On Friday, November 2, we will hold the first Middle School dance of the year for Grades 7 and 8. The Social Committee has chosen the theme of Halloween! Students will not be expected to come in costume, but we encourage Halloween-themed clothing. There will be a live DJ. Families may drop off at 7 pm and pick up at 9 pm. The cost is $8.

Dress Code
The Friends Academy dress code asks students to be professional, safe, and respectful. In order to give families time to assess their wardrobes, a grace period was given on athletic clothing only until the end of October. Beginning November 1, clothing for class should be more professional than athletic wear such as leggings or sweatpants. Clothing should also be in good repair, without large rips. Questions and suggestions are welcome. Please direct them to Susan Yao.

SSAT Preparation and Testing:
Students may take the SSAT on campus on Saturday, December 8. Please register by November 17 on the SSAT website using the school code 3280. Students may also take the SSAT on campus with accommodations on Friday, December 7 using the access code 4D-7K1H-8W1A. After school SSAT preparation courses will be offered in late October. More information will be sent out soon.

Secondary School Lunches
Students will be kept up to date on the lunch schedule digitally and via the calendar in the Stites hallway.

Fall Musical 5th & 6th Grade
The Fall Musical will be Dear Edwina, a wonderful comedy about Middle School life. Please check the calendar for rehearsal dates. All cast members are expected to attend all rehearsals unless excused by Mr. Bean or Mr. Murdock.

Friday Coffee and Conversation with Mr. Kennedy

Families are invited to sign up for Conversations with the Head, which touch upon various topics in our school community. Space is limited and we ask that families choose only one event to attend. To register and learn more, click here.

The Friends Academy Song Circles

In the paradigm of how music has been taught and shared for centuries, we want to continue and foster this tradition in our community. Join us the first Friday of every month, from 5-6:00 pm in the Commons. This is an offering for our parent/adult community. Bring your acoustic instruments. Play. Sing. Share. Follow along. Or we’ll follow you. Hosted by our very own Putnam Murdock.


Have you seen our FA photo site?  Photos are free to download (to the bottom-right of the photo, click the downward-facing arrow). If you have athletic photos you'd like to share, email Kelly Pelissier and she'll provide you with an upload link. Click here to view.