All-School Announcements 11.25.18

November 24, 2018

Friends Fest Planning Committee

Friends Fest is our annual family-friendly fundraiser. The event is on Friday, February 22nd. The Development Office is responsible for planning this event with the help of our greater community. If you’d like to be involved in planning this year’s Friends Fest please email Jodi Pink at jpink@friendsacademy1810.org. The first meeting of this committee will be Thursday, November 29 at 8:15am in the Development Office.


Coffee Pond Photography recently sent information for ordering your child’s school Retake portraits on 11/15/18.  If you do not receive this information by either email or mail please contact their Customer Care Department directly for assistance.

Please be sure to have your spam blocker set to accept emails from lifeguards@coffeepond.com  

By phone: 1-800-632-2323 ext "0"

By Email: Lifeguards@coffeepond.com

Friends Academy Fund

The Parent Participation Challenge for this year's Friends Academy Fund is in full swing. What is the challenge? If a grade level, or the faculty/staff, reaches 75% participation by December 31, 2018, it will trigger an additional $1,000 gift to the Fund from an anonymous donor. If the school works together, an additional $11,000 will go directly towards the Friends Academy Fund!

The faculty/staff and first grade have already reached this goal. Congratulations!

Who will be next? Every gift matters. Every gift is meaningful. Donations run the gamut, the important thing is that you participate. You can click here to donate today, OR, you can email me at jpink@friendsacademy1810.org that you pledge to give before June 30th, 2019 and that will count.

Percentages to date:

  • Early Childhood - 43%
  • Kindergarten - 25%
  • Grade 1 - 78%
  • Grade 2 - 21%
  • Grade 3 - 56%
  • Grade 4 - 35%
  • Grade 5 - 32%
  • Grade 6 - 34%
  • Grade 7 - 46%
  • Grade 8 - 23%

Upcoming Events

Revels: Thursday, Dec. 20 at 6:00pm; more information to follow in the coming weeks.

First Wednesdays

Our next First Wednesday will be on December 5 from 8:00-11:00. First Wednesdays are a time when we open our doors and invite in prospective parents to attend All-School Meeting and visit in classrooms.  Please ask people you think might be interested in Friends to come! Other First Wednesday dates throughout the year are: January 9, February 6, March 6, April 3 and May 1.  Thank you!


Wednesday Nov. 28 - At All-School Meeting the Kindergarteners will be giving their “I Am Thankful” presentation


Progress Reports Online
You may now view your student’s Interim Progress Report in the Parent Portal https://friendsacademy1810.bigsis.com/portal/. Once logged in, click on the “Parents” tab on the top of the screen. Click the “Student Progress” tab on the left margin, then “Student Reports.” If you have not already signed in to the BigSIS Parent Portal, you should have received a sign up invitation last week. If you have forgotten your username or password, please click on “Trouble logging in” or contact Mr. Lobato at dlobato@friendsacademy1810.org.  

Dress Code
The Friends Academy dress code asks students to be professional, safe, and respectful. Clothing for class should be more professional than athletic wear such as leggings or sweatpants. Clothing should also be in good repair, without large rips. Questions and suggestions are welcome. Please direct them to Susan Yao.

SSAT Preparation and Testing:
Students may take the SSAT on campus on Saturday, December 8. Please register on ssat.org by November 17. Remember to list our school (#3280) as a recipient of your child’s scores. If your child qualifies for accommodations and you'd like to explore the option of a closed session for students with accommodations, please contact Susan Yao.

Friday Coffee and Conversation with Mr. Kennedy

Families are invited to sign up for Conversations with the Head, which touch upon various topics in our school community. Space is limited and we ask that families choose only one event to attend. To register and learn more, click here.

The Friends Academy Song Circles

In the paradigm of how music has been taught and shared for centuries, we want to continue and foster this tradition in our community. Join us the first Friday of every month, from 5-6:00 pm in the Commons. This is an offering for our parent/adult community. Bring your acoustic instruments. Play. Sing. Share. Follow along. Or we’ll follow you. Hosted by our very own Putnam Murdock.


Have you seen our FA photo site?  Photos are free to download (to the bottom-right of the photo, click the downward-facing arrow). If you have athletic photos you'd like to share, email Kelly Pelissier and she'll provide you with an upload link. Click here to view.