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Back to School Night Brings Parents and Guardians into the Classroom

Parents sit at their children's desks and review their work.

Writing letters. Making crafts inspired by nature. Sharing with peers in advisory. These are everyday activities for the students at Friends Academy; at Back to School Night, parents and guardians take a turn in their children’s seats and experience what school is like for them.

Back to School Night, held one evening each fall, is an opportunity for parents and guardians to see school without their children, build relationships with each other, and share their experiences. They get to visit their child’s classrooms, see what students are learning in their curriculum, and talk to their teachers and fellow parents and guardians.

Hallmark events like this help enrich every family’s Friends Academy experience. School becomes not just for the children – it is also for the adults in our community to deepen their connections with each other, so they may work collaboratively to help their children grow and succeed.

  • 2023-10-05 Back to School Night 15
    In Early Childhood, parents visited the Farmhouse and saw the portraits and nests their children had created in the first few weeks of school. Using the same materials students did, parents got to build a nest of their own for their children to see when they returned to school in the morning.
  • 2023-10-05 Back to School Night 5
    In Lower School, families visited their child’s classroom to experience the class for themselves. Some sat in a sample morning meeting, which opens the day for every Lower School classroom. Others reviewed writings about their children’s hopes and dreams for the upcoming school year, and wrote letters back to their children for them to discover on their desks the next morning.
  • 2023-10-05 Back to School Night 13
    In Middle School, parents and guardians took part in an advisory-style group meeting with their child’s advisor. They drew pictures, reviewed some of their children’s work, and even played a few games to greet everyone in their group, just as students do each morning.
  • 2023-10-05 Back to School Night 16
    Some parents and guardians even got to take a turn throwing the Impossible Shot in PE!
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