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Why is All-School Meeting Important to the Friends Academy Experience?

At the start of the day each Wednesday, the entire school community – students, teachers, staff, and family members – gathers in the Commons for about 30 minutes for All-School Meeting. The purpose is simply to be together: to see and be seen by one another and to share, listen, and learn from each other.

Everyone participates in All-School Meeting – whether by being a good listener in the audience, performing a song with gusto, or volunteering to get up in front of the audience and present a Book Buzz, share, or joke. Just like during morning meeting in Lower School and advisory in Middle School, All-School Meeting is a moment to pause and connect with one another before beginning the day. This regular time together helps everyone remember that they are part of a larger community, which strengthens our school’s bonds.

Features of All-School Meeting

  • Eighth grade students share at All-School Meeting.


    During the share, an individual, group, or class can speak about something that is on their minds: an interest or passion, a meaningful project, a triumphant moment, or something challenging they are still working through.

  • Students perform a song at All-School Meeting.

    Community Performance

    From singing and dancing to musical instruments and martial arts, community performers practice and perform an art of their choice to close out each All-School Meeting.

  • A student presents a Book Buzz at All-School Meeting.

    Book Buzz

    During the Book Buzz, a student or adult gives a short presentation about a book they read and liked. Every Book Buzz connects the book’s plot and characters to Friends Academy’s values.

  • Mr. Murdock leads the school in a group song at All-School Meeting.

    Group Song

    Typically led by our performing arts team, the group song gets everybody standing up and singing a song together that we all know – such as our school song, “Hail the Gray and Blue.”

Join Us At an All-School Meeting

If you’re curious about Friends Academy for your child, attending an All-School Meeting is a great way to get a feeling for our school community. You can schedule a visit as part of the application process.