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Why is the Garden Important to the Friends Academy Experience?

Garden Camp participants hold a box of fresh produce to donate.

Each student, over the course of their time at Friends Academy, participates in the garden – whether during service learning, an after-school program, a science class, or in the summer with their family. This community space signifies so much to our school: the value of hard work, the importance of keeping a connection to the earth, and the joy of giving back to our larger community. The garden also plays a role in hands-on learning – from studying photosynthesis in sixth grade science to tackling measurements in second grade math.

All of the produce from the garden is donated to Martha’s Pantry at Grace Episcopal Church in New Bedford, which serves roughly 60 families. As food costs rise, it is becoming harder for food pantries to source fresh fruits and vegetables for their patrons. We are proud that our garden can play a small but important role in supporting local families in need.

Volunteer in the Friends Academy Garden

Are you an alum, family member, or member of the community who would like to help with our efforts in the garden? We always welcome new volunteers! Please contact Alicia Porter to learn more.