Letters from the Head 10.09.17

October 7, 2017

Dear FA Families,

As we look toward student-led conferences on Friday, October 20, I find myself thinking about Friends Academy’s overall commitment to ongoing growth and renewal. The student portfolio process is rooted in a belief that all of us are works in progress and that the key to growth is participating in a culture and process that asks us to think critically as learners about where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we hope to go in the future.

In this spirit, I have begun sharing a selection of articles with Friends Academy staff each weekend. The resources are not intended as an endorsement of any particular pedagogy or persuasion. Instead, they are merely a collection of some of the latest thinking on children, parenting, and teaching, curated in an attempt to stimulate and celebrate continuous growth and renewal in our professional community (a tradition, it should be noted, that is already quite vibrant at FA). Below are a few of the pieces that I shared with colleagues this week:

For Your Brain's Sake, Keep Moving – NY Times

How Teachers And Schools Can Help When Bad Things Happen – NPR

The Perils Of Overparenting – Vermont Public Radio

10 Tools For Your Students' Creativity Toolbox – Edutopia

Should you ever come across a resource, please know that I welcome your sharing it with me. We are all in this work of raising and educating children together.

Best wishes for a wonderful long weekend with your family!



Ben Kennedy

Head of School