One of the most valuable notions about education that I have learned is interconnection between: Teacher – Student – Family – Environment. This website will serve as a tool to foster these connections throughout the year.

The best education is one that employs diversity. The diversity of learning styles and cultures in a classroom results in multiple student perspectives paving the way for a deeper respect and understanding of each other and each other’s learning.

Education is not a form or design that needs to be replicated each year, nor is it a formula that students have to decode. It is the journey of learning that marks individuality and beauty. I will honor each student as an artist and a scholar and tailor their journey to best meet their needs.

I believe my role as a teacher is to create a classroom environment that supports and challenges my students as thinkers and learners. I believe that curriculum should be determined through a collaborative process in which both students and teachers have a voice. I promise to challenge this year’s fifth grade by holding them responsible for their learning as I guide and propel them toward their goals.


We teach to transform lives. Skills alone will never be enough. We need to create in our students a vision of possibilities for themselves and a disposition to act in the world for the good of others. We do that by being open to possibilities ourselves and seizing them wherever we find them. And the possibilities are always around us, if we develop in ourselves the habit of seeing them.