Cleary, Tim - Portrait

Tim Cleary

Director of Strategic Initiatives


Trinity College, B.A. in Educational Studies (focus in psychology)

Springfield College, M.Ed. in Psychology (focus in school counseling)

“He takes time out of his day to play soccer with us. He made a promise, and he remembers.”

Gibson and Kodiak, third grade

Joined Friends Academy: 2022

Favorite Book (Children’s or Otherwise): The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

What is your favorite thing about working at Friends Academy? Friends is a place that I have come to associate with joy; there is a palpable feeling of joy throughout the school. You can find it in the small interactions with students in the hallways, in the classrooms as students engage with their work, and amongst the adults who are here to serve the community.

Every day at school is different. While our routines and structure provide helpful predictability for the community, no two days are alike. That variety creates a dynamic environment where I am always excited to see what will happen next!

What do you love to do outside of school? I love being outside with my family, playing wiffle ball, pick-up basketball, or just relaxing in the backyard.

Do you have children who attend Friends Academy? Addie ’26, Brynn ’27, Emi ’31, and Sutton ’33

Fun Fact: I am a die-hard Notre Dame football and New York Yankees fan – really I am just a big sports nerd. That nerd-dom continues on to all things Disney, from classic stories to Star Wars and Marvel.

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