Student-led Conferences

We are excited to share student work with families this week at Student-led Conferences. This time is dedicated to celebrate student growth and achievement as well as position students for the remainder of the year with goals aligned with their learning. Please plan to bring your child to conferences. Also, please make every effort to attend on the designated conference days. Students have been building toward leading their conference and it’s difficult to reschedule and recreate the time we have set aside. Thank you in advance for your efforts!

Summer Programs

This summer we will run Orton-Gillingham and the Summer Math & Writing Maintenance courses from June 25-August 3rd. With teacher conferences around the corner, this is a good time to discuss best options for your student to maintain and target areas of growth. Please contact our SBP Summer Director, Megan O’Brien at with questions.

Please note, these programs are open to all students.