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Registration for 2024 Summer Programs is now open!

2024 Summer Programs will run for eight weeks, from Monday, June 24 to Friday, August 16 (no camp on Thursday, July 4).

Explore Summer Programs

We offer a mix of high-quality programs for children ages 3-15 in a safe, supportive environment on our 65-acre North Dartmouth campus. Whether your child is a Friends Academy student or not, they are welcome here!

Ages 3 to 15

Core Camps

Our longest-running summer programs! Core programs are designed with specific age groups in mind, catering to their developmental needs.

Kindergarten to Grade 8

Creative Camps

Specialty camps for kids interested in creative activities including food, art, drama, nature, and more.

Kindergarten to Grade 8

Enrichment & Academic Camps

Writing, math, STEAM, and skills-driven specialty camps for kids to enrich their minds this summer.

Kindergarten to Grade 8

Sports Camps

Get up and moving in these sports-based specialty camps for kids of all ages and abilities.

Surround Care

Some families need additional care for their children beyond the designated camp hours. We offer two Surround Care options: Before and After Care and Hangout Zone.

Space in these programs is limited. Please sign up when you register for camp.


Before and After Care

Before and After Care is for families that need an earlier drop-off time or later pick-up time. Registration is weekly.

  • Morning Surround Care operates from 8-9am.
  • Afternoon Surround Care operates from 3-4pm.

Hangout Zone

Hangout Zone is for campers enrolled in half-day morning specialty camps (Creative, Enrichment, and Sports Camps). By signing them up for the Hangout Zone, they will be able to stay for the full day (specialty camp 9am-12pm, Hangout Zone 12-3pm).

Campers in the Hangout Zone join an age-appropriate Core Camp (Summer Friends, Adventure Friends, or Survival Friends) for afternoon activities.

2024 Summer Programs Rates

Program TypeCost
Full Day Camp (9am-3pm)$375 per week
Half Day Camp (9am-12pm)$250 per week
Hangout Zone (Afternoons 12-3pm following a morning specialty camp)$175 per week
AM Surround Care (8-9am)$75 per week
PM Surround Care (3-4pm)$75 per week

Campers registered for four or more weeks of a full-day Core Camp (Little Friends, Summer Friends, Adventure Friends, or Survival Friends) are eligible to receive a 10% discount.

Campers registered for four or more weeks of a morning specialty camp and afternoon Hangout Zone are eligible to receive a 10% discount *only for the Hangout Zone portion of the day*.

Meet the Summer Programs Staff

All Summer Programs staff are teachers and/or professionals in their field. Assistant counselors are college students with an interest in education and reliable high school students looking for meaningful community service. All staff have passed CORI, SORI, and fingerprint checks.

  • Lesley Heyl

    Summer Programs Director
  • Colton Almeida

    Summer Programs Coordinator
  • Braden Almeida

  • Lucas Batista

  • Bruce Cartwright

    Art & Sculpture Instructor
  • Chef Chris Chaput

    Farm to Table Camp Instructor
  • Gail Coble

    Field Trip Chaperone
  • Hallie Davis

    Little Friends Co-Leader
  • Mirna Decker

    Jr. Counselor
  • Leigha Lynn Gippo

    Jr. Counselor
  • Manu Gottschick-Daskalakis

  • Dr. Kathryn Kavanagh

    Specialty Lead (Geology Camp)
  • Erik Kenyon

    Activity Lead
  • Jackie King

    Jr. Counselor
  • Brianna Ko

    Counselor (Clay Creations)
  • Meagan Laffoon

  • Maria Lopes

    Little Friends Co-Leader
  • Coco Medeiros

  • Sophie McCarthy

    Jr. Counselor
  • Tanner McMullen

    CIT Instructor
  • Kate Mooney

  • Amy Peckham

    Little Friends Co-Leader
  • Alicia Porter

    Activity Lead (Gardening)
  • Sarah Rosa

    Little Friends Co-Leader
  • Bianca Silva

    Jr. Counselor
  • Michelle Swallow

    Specialty Camp Instructor (Messy Makers, STEM, STEAM Storytime)
  • Anisa Tavares

  • Kizzy Thomas

  • Marissa Vargas

    Little Friends Co-Leader
  • Rebecca Vasa

    Activity Lead

Important Reminders for Parents

  • Dropoff is at 9:00am and pickup is at 3:00pm for a full day. Pickup is at 12:00pm for a half day. Please do not drop your child off early or pick them up late unless they are registered for Surround Care. You must notify us in writing if someone other than a guardian or emergency contact is picking up your child.
  • All campers should bring a water bottle and wear appropriate clothing and footwear every day.
  • Campers who will be outdoors should come to camp with sunscreen and insect repellent already applied.
  • Children attending camp all day need to bring a lunch with an ice pack to keep it cool.
  • Please label all items (water bottles, lunches, sunscreen, jackets, etc.) with your child’s name. Friends Academy is not responsible for lost personal items.
  • On inclement weather days, please pack light rain gear. In the case of severe weather, camps will move indoors.



All Summer Programs are held on Friends Academy’s 65-acre campus at 1088 Tucker Rd., North Dartmouth. Campers can take advantage of our beautiful indoor and outdoor facilities, including playing fields, playgrounds, forest trails, gymnasium, classrooms, performance stage (“the Commons”), and a vegetable garden.

Policies and Procedures

Friends Academy Summer Programs must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and is licensed by the Dartmouth Board of Health.

Cancellation Policies

Deposit and Payment

All camps require a non-refundable deposit via credit card at registration:

  • Half-day camps: $75
  • Full-day camps: $100
  • Math and Writing Maintenance Course: $200
  • Orton-Gillingham: $300

The remaining balance can be paid by check or credit card, and must be received by Friends Academy two weeks prior to the first day of the camp season. If you do not provide an alternative payment method, we will automatically charge the card we have on file on/after May 31. Campers placed on a waitlist will not be charged a deposit at first.

If paying the full balance in one installment is a hardship for your family, please contact Summer Programs Director Lesley Heyl for options.


If you cancel within two weeks of the camp season start date, you will forfeit the total cost of the program.


If your child is unavailable to attend due to a medical reason, we will give a partial refund when cancellation is accompanied by a doctor’s record/official statement.

Low Enrollment

Friends Academy reserves the right to cancel any course if enrollment is insufficient. If Friends cancels, you are entitled to a full refund. If you withdraw your child from a camp, you will only receive a refund based on the cancellation policy above. As long as there is space available in a camp, we will accept registrations until the Friday before the scheduled start date.

Transportation Policies


All children are to be dropped off and picked up by their parent/guardian or an approved emergency contact. We do not provide regular transportation to and from camp.

Alternative Pickup Notification

If someone other than a parent/guardian or emergency contact is picking up your child (such as a carpool), you must notify us in writing. Without such notification, the child will not be permitted to leave campus until we receive confirmation from a parent or guardian.

Late Pickup

If a camper is not picked up within 30 minutes of their scheduled pick up time, and prior arrangements have not been made to pick up the child late, the parent/guardian will be contacted. If the parent/guardian is not available, the child’s emergency contact(s) will be contacted. If the emergency contact is not available, repeated attempts to contact the parent/guardian and emergency contact will be made. The child will have to remain on campus until a parent or emergency contact arrives to pick them up.

Field Trips

When campers are taken off campus for day trips, we will use commercial transportation. Drivers will be appropriately licensed to operate the vehicle reserved by the program. Children may not be driven off campus by any staff member.

Any children who have registered for the half-day program are invited to attend any field trip or event that lasts longer than the scheduled half-day without cost increase. Families who need to pick up their child at their regularly scheduled half-day time will need to make arrangements to arrive at the field trip site to pick up their child.

Health Policies

Medical Records

All program attendees are required by law to provide health records including immunization records, hospitalizations, required medications, and individual needs and concerns. Any child who does not return the required information prior to the start of the program will be unable to attend until we receive such documents.

Ill/Injured Campers

If a child becomes ill and needs to leave early, the child’s parent/guardian will be contacted to inform them of the situation. If they cannot come to pick the child up, the emergency contact will be notified. If neither are available, the child will stay in the nurse’s office until a parent/guardian is reached.

Any child who sustains a minor injury or becomes ill at camp will be seen by the Camp Nurse. In case of suspected serious injury, the child should not be moved and the Camp Nurse should be notified immediately. The Camp Nurse will then notify and contact the proper emergency care facilities, calling 911 and if necessary, having the child brought to the nearest hospital. In the event that an incident requires follow up care, the director will fill out an accident report. All medications brought in by students should be taken to the infirmary where they will be dispensed. Only the Camp Nurse can administer medications.

Illness Symptoms

Do not send a child to camp with flu-like symptoms or a fever of 100 degrees or greater. If your child is showing any symptoms of illness, please notify the Camp Nurse at (508) 641-7710 to discuss their symptoms and determine if they are well enough to come to camp. Any camper that is assessed to have flu-like symptoms or a fever of 100 degrees will be sent home.

Sun and Insect Protection

Campers should arrive with sunscreen and bug repellent already applied. Camp counselors will reapply mid day if necessary. For additional protection from the sun’s harmful rays, please encourage your child to wear a hat, sunglasses, and appropriate clothing.

Covid-19 Prevention

Face masks are optional. Campers and staff are welcome to wear a mask if they choose to do so.

Health Records

All health records are available in the School Nurse’s office.

Written Orders

The Camp Nurse is required to sign all necessary written orders. These must be available for use by the Camp Nurse.

Background Review of Staff Members

All Summer Programs staff are required by law to have background checks performed including SORI, CORI, Juvenile Checks, and fingerprint checks. All background checks are completed and kept in a locked file in the Friends Academy Business Office. Also all resumes and references have been checked and filed. Copies of background checks, health care and discipline policies and grievance procedures are all available upon request.

Contingency Plans


We do not provide regular lunches for campers. If a child who is staying for a full day does not arrive with a lunch, a lunch will be provided for that day. Parents will be notified and reminded that students who are staying for the full day need to bring a lunch from home.


If the weather is inclement on the day of a scheduled outdoor event, every attempt will be made to reschedule the event. However, due to time and scheduling constraints, not every event will be rescheduled as originally planned. Alternate activities will replace the cancelled event.

Notice of Absence

We would appreciate, but do not require, notice of a camper who will not be attending for any length of time due to illness or other circumstances. If a child who is registered for camp does not show up for the day, without prior notice of their absence, Summer Programs staff will call the child’s parent or guardian to find out when the child will be returning to the program.

Registration and Payment

Children may not attend camp unless they are registered and the camp tuition bill is paid in full.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Friends Academy Summer Programs reserves the right to make decisions based on unforeseen circumstances. These decisions will be made in the best interest of the campers and staff involved.

Other Policies and Procedures

Discipline Policy

Discipline begins with the involved staff member. The emphasis is to help the child understand the harmful consequences of their actions and, equally important, to develop strategies to avoid such behavior in the future. Appropriate actions may be taken including talk with staff member, loss of a privilege, talk with director, communication with parent/guardian. In the case or a more serious offense, the director will be notified and may contact the Head of School, depending upon the situation. Repeated serious offenses may result in the removal of the child from the program.

As per the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the following prohibitions are in effect:

  • Corporal punishment, including spanking, is prohibited.
  • No camper shall be subjected to cruel or severe punishment, humiliation, or verbal abuse.
  • No camper shall be denied water, food, or shelter as a form of punishment.
  • No child shall be punished for soiling, wetting, or not using the toilet.

Lost Camper Plan

If a child is missing for any amount of time, all staff members will be notified and a search party will be formed. All other campers will remain under tight supervision by staff. All areas will be checked and searchers will report back to their supervisor. The Head of School will be notified of any missing or lost campers. If camper is not found and search party has exhausted all areas, the Dartmouth Police Department will be contacted and informed of the situation. They will be asked to assist in a continued search. Parents will be notified if the local police are called in to assist in the search.

Watercraft Safety Plan

During camp-sponsored canoe trips, the following watercraft safety plan will be in effect:

  • No swimming will be allowed. All campers will remain in canoes at all times.
  • Campers and staff are required to wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved floatation devices.
  • There will be a direct line of sight between all canoes, from the front to the last canoe in the line, at all times, as the curvature of the waterway allows.
  • A certified lifeguard will be in attendance at all times.

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect

As required by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Summer Programs staff members who hear or observe suspected evidence of child abuse/neglect must first report their concerns to the Program Director or Department of Children and Families. If reported to the Program Director, they may consult with the camp nurse as a resource, depending upon the nature. A team meeting is then held, consisting of the reporting staff member, Head of School, Program Director, and Camp Nurse. If the team decides that the concern falls within the guidelines for mandated reporting to the Department of Children and Families, the program director will do so with team input.