Little Friends

Little Friends continues to be a fun time for everyone, and we’re ready for another camp season! It is designed especially for our youngest campers. Miss Koryn and Miss Gail from our After-School Program will team up with Kenny and Maddy to create a nurturing first camp experience. They are skilled at organizing camp for preschool-aged children, pacing the day so that activities alternate between active and quietly passive – helping each camper navigate the day more successfully. Whether you choose the half- or full-day program, this camp has plenty to offer in a safe enriching environment filled with fun, friends, and age appropriate adventure. Children must be 3 to 4 years of age (5 years if not attending kindergarten in the fall), and potty trained to attend Little Friends. Register weekly, June 11-July 27.

Summer Friends

Summer Friends is the camp that started it all here at Friends Academy in 2003. The school was getting so many requests and inquiries from parents of young children looking for an alternative to the big box camps that were prevalent in the area. We decided to start a camp that would be and feel safe and nurturing for our youngest friends. Small groups, familiar and caring staff, fun and educational theme-driven activities all were and still are the focus of Summer Friends. What a great way to build new friendships and make lasting connections that will carry on throughout the school year, and for many summers to come. Taught by popular Friends teachers Mrs. Gangi and Miss Tammaro, joined again this year by another favorite, Maddy, and others, Summer Friends is the ultimate camp experience with an emphasis on personal attention for each camper. Each week brings with it a new and exciting adventure. Register weekly, June 11-July 27. ADD PHOTO

Adventure/Survivor Friends

Adventure Friends is an outdoor program designed to be both fun and educational for students entering grades 4 through 6. Making extensive use of the campus grounds—from the ropes course to the fields, the woods, and the river—this program is highlighted by the initiative games and low elements of our extensive and unique ropes course and the Giant Swing. The campers also learn many types of outdoor cooking skills, map and compass skills, knots and lashings, canoe and water safety, and generally how they can enjoy, appreciate, and conserve the outdoors. Week 4 of this camp spends the mornings on the low and high elements of our 23-station ropes course for a dose of adventure, and then campers attend outdoor games in the afternoons for some good old fashioned fun. Taught by Mr. Pelissier and friends. An added feature of the Adventure Program is an optional overnight. These will take place on the Thursday night of the first three weeks. Meals, tents, and activities will be provided. Campers will need their own sleeping and hygiene gear. Register weekly, June 11-July

Survivor Friends

How do you find water in the woods when there are no rivers or lakes? How do you make sure it’s safe to drink? Can you start a fire without matches? In this course you will learn these skills and more that will help you to feel confident in your ability to survive in the woods if the need arises. Other skills will include proper care and safe handling of knives, how to construct traps and snares, cooking what you find or catch, shelter building, first aid and others. Taught by Mr. Pelissier and friends. Register weekly, July 9-July 20. ADD PHOTO